CounterStrike hacks

So, the developers at Voxar went through a Counterstrike phase where we played the game rather a lot. Counterstrike is a Halflife mod (based on the Quake engine which pitches two teams (terrorists and counter-terrorists) against each other. Unlike most Quake-type games, it’s pretty realistic – guns have recoil, you get killed by a couple of shots and so on.

I wrote two nifty utilities for Counterstrike/Halflife players.

Server Query Listener

This allows you to see when other people on your LAN are querying for servers. It lets you know when people are itching for a game. Download the source or a precompiled binary. Just leave it running and you’ll see who is querying for servers. Remember to kill it before starting half life though.

Temptation – An add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio (DevStudio)

“Temptation” adds a button to the DevStudio 6 toolbar which allows you to query for HL/CS servers running on your LAN from within your developer environment (hence the name). You’ll have to download the source and change the broadcast address at the top of QueryDialog.cpp to match your LAN. I’ve not bothered making it find the broadcast address, since I only ever use it on the one LAN. The source is here.


These utilities are both released under the GPL.